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Mate repository for fedora 18

Postby Nice&Gently » Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:40 am

F18 release

In the last 2 month i was thinking a lot in which form i do the release for f18.
I decided not to do a full release against official fedora Mate-Desktop for f18, because in the end it is double work.
And i prefer to have more beach, sun, girls and beer the next year ;)

I know the f18 mate release is far away from perfect, a little buggy and not complete.
Also they used Mate-1.5.x, which is an development release.
My second thougt to release an stable 1.4.0 release which you know from f16/f17 makes also no sense, because if Mate release 1.6 in maybe march, i have to update too.
And in the end it's double work again.

The best solution in my eyes is to provide an additional repo which includes more MATE packages to fedora.
a) additional package from the community
b) official packages from Mate which aren't build in fedora yet.

Package list:

- caja-actions
- caja-terminal
- faience-icon-theme
- gnome-colors-icon-theme
- mate-applets
- mate-color-manager
- mate-disk-utility (palimpset fork)
- mate-icon-theme-faenza
- mate-nettool
- mate-themes-extras-3 (gtk-2/3 theme collection package optimised for gtk3-3.6)
- python-caja
- mate-mplayer

Code: Select all
yum install

Now you can install the packages via yum. I also add a group install information which installs all packages except mate-mplayer (rpmfusion needed)
Code: Select all
yum groupinstall mate-desktop-extra

The additional repo based on mate-1.5 packages and is full compatible to fedora's mate-desktop.

Last but not least, i've brought back compiz-0.88 to fedora f18 official repos.

I hope this is also a compromise for you and you will use the repo.

caja-dropbox is now available at rpmfusion-nonfree repo
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